Automodular Corporation

“Melinda possesses very strong technical skills which she combines with excellent interpersonal abilities. She has shown she can be a very effective member of a senior management team. Her presentations, analyses and her work at the Board level have all been outstanding. She commands the respect of all Board members and others throughout the organization.”

Rae Wallin, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Automodular Corporation (2015)


“As an Audit Partner at PwC Automodular was one of my clients and in providing service to this Company over a seven year period I got to work closely with Melinda. I have had a chance to work with a wide variety of clients who have had Chief Financial Officer’s of varying capabilities. I have always found Melinda to be an excellent Chief Financial Officer who is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get the job done.

After leaving PwC in 2011 I was invited to join the Board of Automodular where I have been able to view Melinda in a different light. She continues to impress me with her insight and capable skills.”

Rodney Hill, Member of the Board of Directors, Automodular Corporation (2015)


“Melinda brings to the table a positive attitude and an extremely strong work ethic. She has excellent written and oral communication skills and is comfortable with interactions ranging from one on one discussions to making detailed presentations to our Board of Directors.

Melinda has very strong technical skills. She possesses the ability to look at things at a “big picture” strategic level but also has the ability to get into a higher level of granularity when required. She possesses very strong IT skills and was instrumental in leading the IT function throughout her time at Automodular. She has done a good job motivating, mentoring and coaching her direct reports and built an outstanding finance team. Further, as Automodular wound down its active operations and downsized its staffing and resource complement she managed the IT, HR, contract and finance transitions.

Melinda has been a very valuable member of the Executive Management Team of Automodular. She is so much more than just a “numbers” person. She made meaningful contributions to the outstanding business results that Automodular achieved during her tenure. Melinda remained loyal to Automodular and stayed with the Company past the winddown of our active operations.

During my career, I have been fortunate to work with a handful of people that I could count on when times are really challenging or deadlines are really tight. People who will help no matter the circumstances and do whatever is needed to get the job done or deadline met. Melinda is one of those people. I consider myself fortunate to have worked with her.”

Chris Nutt, President and CEO, Automodular Corporation (2015)



Pattison Sign Group

“Melinda Diebel is an intelligent, personable and dedicated professional. As the Business Analyst at Pattison Sign group (PSG) she had a dual role of corporate accountant and senior financial analyst. Her corporate accountant functions included the complicated consolidation of PSG’s profit centers and the preparation of the monthly and quarterly financial packages. These financial packages are extensive; require a strong attention to detail and a very good understanding of the numbers.

In her senior financial analyst Melinda was responsible for reviewing both the financials and Key Performance Indicators of a) our regional profit centers in both USA and Canada and b) the consolidated group of PSG companies. She also provided key analysis for the strategic plan and the semi-annual budgeting cycle. Melinda was involved in the human resources planning for the consolidation of two manufacturing plants in addition to numerous individual analysis requests, by the senior executives of our division.

Melinda is a hard worker and a team player. She took the initiative to assist her coworkers and streamline the monthly closing procedures. She was well liked and respected by her co-workers.”

David Sheehan, Senior Vice-President and CFO, Pattison Sign Group (2007)


“Melinda has very strong technical and analytical skills that allow her to grasp new processes quickly and is able to streamline processes saving time and money. Melinda’s strong organizational and communication skills allowed her to collect large amounts of information from regions and consolidated it on a timely basis. In addition, Melinda’s strong computer skills enabled her to process a large volume of work quickly and accurately.

In her capacity as a Business Analyst, Melinda played a very important role in providing senior management with decision making information and was involved in many high level business decisions. Melinda has an outstanding work ethic and is always committed to meeting any deadline.”

Vince Santaguida, Controller, Pattison Sign Group (2007)



OPP (AFU) / Zysman Accounting

“Melinda has been an integral part of our team. In fact, I am concerned we will not be able to find a replacement with her skill set- forensic accounting skills coupled with uncanny computer skills. Besides the forensic accounting reports which I was very pleased with, she also assisted with very important administrative assignments including Annual Report, high level briefing notes and presentations to name a few. Melinda is a perfectionist and this unit benefited from her quality workmanship. In addition, she was always willing to work after hours should the need arise. She appreciated that deadlines had to be met and I was very thankful for that.”

Detective Staff Sergeant T. A. (Tom) Murphy, Unit Commander, Asset Forfeiture Unit, Ontario Provincial Police (2006)



Smith, Nixon & Co. LLP

“Melinda displayed excellent technical and analytical skills and grasps new concepts extremely quickly. She also has outstanding computer skills and knowledge of a variety of software applications. One of the responsibilities of senior staff on audit client engagements is the ongoing training of junior staff. Melinda exhibits strong mentoring skills and works well with all level of staff. She communicates extremely well with both internal staff and client staff.

Within a CA firm, it is important to have staff that you can count on to do what it takes to get the job done. Melinda was one of the individuals that I could turn to when I had a tight deadline to meet or some complex issue to be investigated. She has an outstanding work ethic and simply put would do whatever it takes to get the job done ensuring that any deadlines were met.”

Chris Nutt, Partner, Smith, Nixon & Co. LLP (2004)


“I found [Melinda] to be very competent and focused. She is a hard-worker and commits herself to ensuring that client and team deadlines are met. She has a very positive attitude and is a great example for junior staff. Melinda is very patient and approachable when training junior staff.

I always found that Melinda interacted well with client staff. She was very professional and presented the appropriate image for her firm. Melinda is confident and able to work independently. She is capable of analyzing computer and accounting systems, and offering suggestions for improvements. She is also capable of developing new accounting policies and procedures.”

Aileen Hunter, Supervisor, Smith, Nixon & Co. LLP (2004)